I know, you’re dying to know — what’s been happening since March? Hang on, I’ll consult my calendar… 

Lots of nannying. These two rich white dudes are surely going to grow into insufferable Los Angeles bros, but for right now they’re just babies, equally likable as poor babies.

Stopped casually seeing the dude I was casually seeing, which made me sad because you should have seen his hair do this sweaty floppy thing when he played guitar. It was a slow death, and then: “I don’t know if it’s just that I’m not 24 anymore, but the last time I liked someone I was just head over heels crazy for them. And I’m not crazy about you. I think I owe it to myself to wait for that feeling.” Ugh, fine. 

Dyed my hair blue. Went to some shows, bopped around. Started taking piano lessons. Wrote a bunch stories - or started a bunch of stories, anyway. Sewed a kickass plaid dress. Got a tan. 

Asked out a guy I vaguely remembered from an old job after he randomly started liking all my ‘grams. Our first date was at his boss’ house. He made old fashioneds and the red couch in the den kept shedding white feathers. “What do you want to order? I usually get shrimp something and chicken something. Do you still have a husband?” It’s going very well. The sort of well that is annoying to hear about, so I’ll stop there. 

Went to DC and ate hot dogs in the woods with my best friends, which is all I wanted for my birthday. Rode an alarming roller coaster at Knott’s Berry Farm. Toured Mark Twain Cave in Missouri with my parents. Went to a wine bar in Omaha where all the women were wearing poly-blend dress pants. Had a picnic at the Getty, slightly warm ham salad and strawberries on a very windy day.

And now it’s today and I’m going to go look at an overpriced tshirt at the Athleta store and I’ll probably buy it because lately I’ve been a real idiot about things like that. 

real talk with the check out woman at vons

"Did you find everything alright?"

"Yes, thank you."

"How’s your day?"

"Um… it’s ok. You?"

"Like you - just ok. …What would make your day better?" 

"Wow, uh… you know what? Getting a text from this boy I like." 

"Oh, really? Sure." 

"What would make your day better?" 

"Getting off work early. And not having to come in tomorrow." 

"Oh definitely. For sure." 

"You know what, though? That stuff would fix our days but it wouldn’t fix our lives." 

"Whoa. I mean, yeah, who knows. Well, I hope they let you off early."

"I hope he texts you! Oh - you saved three dollars today with your Vons card." 


I asked what he wanted to be when he grew up. 
He screamed: “A benny!” 
"What’s a benny?" I asked.

"That’s his name," said his mom.

A few weeks late watching this but still, hee! 

weekend notes

Titanic downtown in my white heels. Champagne and a ham sandwich under the carved gold ceiling. When Leo shouted “I’m king of the world!” the whole crowd cheered until we laughed and I nearly burst with appreciation for my city, my species, my dumb luck. 

I didn’t think he’d text me but he did. 

Fourteen miles to our campsite on a Catalina Island mountain ridge. Fruit snacks and buffalo and listening to rain from inside a dark dry tent. 

Emails from old friends, walks in the shade, holding the rich-ass baby I nanny on the first day he learned to smile. A new dress. Clean sheets. Oatmeal in our nightgowns at her kitchen table.

I didn’t think he’d text me but he did. 

This is maybe the most romantic Valentine I’ve ever seen.